Annex ERASMUS+

    Annex bilateral agreements: Information for our partner universities in ERASMUS+

    Students please refer to information given in the section "Studium in Würzburg/ Studying in Würzburg"

    This page informs our ERASMUS+ partners about current details for agreements in the periode 2014/2021, Annex University of Würzburg. Parts C- F of our agreement are replaced by the following information. We advise to refer to this page as details in section C- F are subject to change!

    ANNEX TO OUR ERASMUS+ AGREEMENTS TO BE DOWNLOADED HERE (this Annex is valid for all subjects)


    Abteilung 1: Service Centre International Affairs
    Josef-Martin-Weg 54/2
    Campus Hubland Nord
    97074 Würzburg


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    Hubland Nord, Geb. 54