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    Press Releases

    The German foundation Else‐Kröner‐Fresenius‐Stiftung has again granted the support of the Excellence

    Scholarship Program BEBUC for the next three years – it is already the fifth grant in a row. The aim of the

    project is to recognize brilliant talents in the Congo and to promote them on their way to a professorship.

    The former eye hospital on Röntgenring 12 in Würzburg. (Archive picture: Robert Emmerich)

    A cooperation between the Fraunhofer Society and the University of Würzburg will promote medical research: A centre for stem cell process engineering will be established at the former eye hospital.


    The association "Hilfe im Kampf gegen Krebs e.V." (help in the fight against cancer) has set up a foundation to promote cancer research at the University of Würzburg.

    Georg Gasteiger

    Since June 2017, Georg Gasteiger has been holding the Chair of Systems Immunology II at the University of Würzburg. The newly established professorship is part of the Max Planck Research Group for Systems Immunology that is being set up at the university.


    This prestigious distinction has been awarded to five scientists from the University of Würzburg this year. The five faculty members and one researcher honoured as "Citation Laureate" are among the most frequently cited and hence most influential authors in their fields of research.

    Sketch of an optimized optical antenna: A cavity is located inside; the electrical fields during operation are coded by the colour scale. Current patterns are represented by green arrows. (Picture: Thorsten Feichtner)

    Targeted creation and control of photons: This should succeed thanks to a new design for optical antennas developed by Würzburg scientists.