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Innovative Teaching

JMU currently offers over 250 degree programs that prepare our students for a wide variety of occupational fields.

In its mission statement, JMU expresses its conviction that at a comprehensive university with strong research programs and a rich academic tradition, good learning and teaching must always follow from research. High quality education is only possible when the scientific tasks and projects of all of the university’s faculties and institutes are closely integrated into its teaching and learning activities.

Teaching Awards

The Award for Good Teaching at the State Universities of Bavaria is given out each year by the Bavarian State Ministry for Science and the Arts. The Albert Kölliker Teaching Award of the Medical Faculty is granted twice yearly to promote and improve teaching.

Funds for Innovative Teaching Projects

The University of Würzburg wants to support its teachers in the quick and efficient implementation of innovative ideas and projects in teaching. For this purpose, it has established a fund for innovative projects in teaching.

New Teaching and Learning Activities

While approaches to teaching do not need to be continuously reinvented, there are at any given time current methodological approaches that lecturers are not aware of and that have the potential to lead to better learning outcomes for students.

Idea pool for Good Teaching at JMU

The selected examples found in the “Idea Pool for Good Teaching at JMU” section represent the ideas and suggestions for good teaching and learning practices at the University of Würzburg.

Quality Pact for Teaching at JMU

To improve study conditions and the quality of teaching, JMU takes part in the joint federal and state government development program Quality Pact for Teaching. Funding for two JMU projects will be provided by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) until 2020.