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Physics is getting exciting! "Kitty Q–a quantum adventure" from the Würzburg-Dresden Cluster of Excellence ct.qmat for children from 11 years can be pre-ordered as of now in the app store and tested in Würzburg until October 2.

Artistic rendition of a topological array of vertically emitting lasers. All 30 microlasers along a topological interface (blue) act as one, collectively emitting coherent laser light (red).

Israeli and German researchers have developed a way to force an array of vertical cavity lasers to act together as a single laser - a highly effective laser network the size of a grain of sand. The findings are presented in a new joint research paper published online by the prestigious journal Science on Friday, September 24.


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Lasers are ubiquitous. Scientists from Würzburg have now developed the virtual-reality laser laboratory “femtoPro”, which simulates optical setups in real time and enables eye-safe training in the handling of short-pulse lasers.

Structure of the poxvirus-polymerase in an early stage of transcription. Bound DNA is labelled in blue.

Poxviruses have found a unique way of translating their genes into proteins in the infected organism. A team of researchers from Würzburg shows for the first time how the molecular machinery involved works at an atomic level.


Diversity matters

Ecosystem with alpine vegetation at Mount Kilimanjaro.

The higher the biological diversity in an ecosystem, the better the important processes there function. A heterogeneous environment promotes this effect, while intensive land use weakens it, as a new study shows.

In der Überlagerung von gemessener Elektronenverteilung (links) und dreieckiger Atomstruktur (rechts) wird deutlich, dass die Elektronen (gelb) nicht auf den grauen Indium Atomen sitzen, sondern sich in den leeren Regionen (rot und blau) sammeln und ein Honigwabenmuster bilden. Dieser Effekt macht die topologischen Eigenschaften des Quantenmaterials Indenen besser als die des Wunderwerkstoffs Graphen.

Researchers from the Cluster of Excellence ct.qmat–Complexity and Topology in Quantum Matter–have recently conceived and realized a new quantum material. The research results have appeared in the journal Nature Communications.

Three important pollinators in Europe (from left): hummingbird hawk-moth (Macroglossum stellatarum), the yellow loosestrife bee (Macropis europaea) and the common blue butterfly (Polyommatus icarus).

The newly funded EU Horizon 2020 project Safeguard will address the decline of wild pollinators, its effects on biodiversity and ecosystem services, and options to restore pollinator diversity.

JMU's main building

In this year’s Times Higher Education World University Ranking (THE), Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg is among the best 200 universities worldwide. In Germany, JMU belongs to the top 20.

Deadwood in the beech forest near the ecological station of the University of Würzburg. Fungi have set about decomposing the logs.

The time deadwood in forests needs to decompose depends on climate as well as on fungi and insects. Researchers have now quantified the contribution of deadwood to the global carbon cycle.