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Press Releases

Teresa Deckert

Teresa Deckert studied Political and Social Studies at the University of Würzburg. Today she is promoting sustainable behaviour in Essen.

Artistic representation of several microtubules, gliding through the optical near field of a nanostructured gold surface.

Physicists from Dresden and Würzburg have developed a novel method for optical microscopy. Using biological motors and single quantum dots, they acquire ultra-high-resolution images.

Desert ants (Cataglyphis) at the nest entrance.

Desert ants use the Earth's magnetic field for orientation, a new study has found which was conducted by scientists of the University of Würzburg. This provides ants the cue to find their way back to the nest.

Processes in a leaf pore (stoma) of grasses. When the leaves open and close, a shuttle service takes ions to and fro between guard cells and subsidiary cells. (Picture: Dietmar Geiger)

Cereal is much more drought-tolerant than other plants. Researchers from Würzburg have now found out why that is so. Their insight could help breed crops that are more resistant to drought.

Frank Würthner

Würzburg chemist, Frank Würthner, has been awarded an Advanced Grant of the European Research Council worth EUR 2.5 million. He wants to use the money to push the conversion of solar energy to fuel.