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Coupling of phonon (green), exciton (pink), and photon of a microcavity (red) in a 2D material

Würzburg researchers have highlighted and quantified a three-fold coupling between exciton, photon, and phonon in a microcavity with embedded two-dimensional materials.

With the fogging method, insects and other invertebrates can be collected almost completely from tree crowns. All arthropods that are affected by the insecticide drop into the collecting sheets and are collected for identification. Top right: As a result of drought and ash dieback, most F. excelsior trees had died in 2020. Following a mass development of the ash bark beetle Hylesinus fraxini (Curculionidae, Scolytinae), woodpeckers subsequently destroyed the bark of dead F. excelsior trees. This gives the dead trunks their distinctive structure.

How do canopy insects react to the sudden disappearance of their host tree? A study in the floodplain forests along the river Elbe shows surprising results.

An anaesthetised Venus flytrap (above) can no longer close when stimulated (ant). Reason for this is that ether prevents the propagation of a calcium signal from the sensory hair into the trap (right).

The carnivorous Venus flytrap can be anaesthetised with ether. Some surprising parallels to anaesthesia in humans emerge.

Bee colonies also use hollow electricity poles as nest sites (here a photo from Belgium).

In northern Spain, wild honeybees use hollow electricity poles as nesting cavities. Natural areas in the surroundings promote the colonies’ chances to survive the winter.

Example of a boron-containing polymer based on furan.

Producing materials for solar cells, light-emitting diodes and other organic electronics applications as sustainably as possible: A team from Würzburg's Faculty of Chemistry is working on this.

A) Schematic representation of the large cerebral veins. B) Modern microscopy techniques make it possible to visualize clot formation in the cerebral veins of mice. The left image shows vessels from a diseased mouse, whereas the right images are from mice whose platelets have been inhibited.

Cerebral venous thrombosis is a rare, often severe disease that has been brought to public attention by the Covid 19 pandemic. Researchers have now succeeded for the first time in deciphering a molecular cause of this disease.

Structure of a kagome lattice

Toward a new kind of superconductivity: An international team of physicists finds joint appearance of intricate quantum phenomena.

The exchange of information between different brain areas is similar to road traffic: the highway corresponds to structural brain connections, functional connections are the traffic that runs on it.

Human intelligence is closely associated with functional brain networks: The better these networks are developed, the easier it is for the brain to adapt to different tasks, this is shown by a new study of the University of Würzburg.

Two nanographenes (blue) with bulky substituents (grey) have each attached a PAH (red) to give a quadruple dye stack.

Several layers of nanographenes stacked on top of each other: such functional elements could one day be used in solar cells. Würzburg chemists have paved the way for this.

The graphic illustrates different aspects of extraterrestrial science - small satellites for astronomy, intelligent on-board signal processing, building blocks of life and galaxies.

The University's Interdisciplinary Research Centre for Extraterrestrial Studies has expanded its range of topics to include Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP).

Künstlerische Darstellung eines RNA-Schwamms in Aktion.

Bacteria are extremely resourceful when it comes to adapting to a given environment. A team of researchers from Würzburg has now discovered a new trick bacteria use: a kind of sponge that absorbs certain messengers.