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    Sven Heinrich at the wheel of the "Thor Heyerdahl" off the coast of Cuba. (Photo: private)

    Sven Heinrich studied geography at the University of Würzburg. Today, he is a permanent crew member of the "Thor Heyerdahl" sail training ship.

    The MRI scans show differences in the brains of healthy participants (left) and patients with congestive heart failure. (Picture: CHFC Würzburg)

    Patients suffering from congestive heart failure tend to have cognitive deficits. This is not because of the heart's reduced pumping capacity as a research team from Würzburg has recently found.

    Man and Woman with long noses

    It is not easy to tell when someone is lying. This is even more difficult when potential liars speak in a language other than their native tongue. Psychologists of the University of Würzburg investigated why that is so.


    The genome of the algae species Chara braunii has been decoded. It already contains the first genetic characteristics that enabled the water plants' evolutionary transition to land.

    A butterfly (pale clouded yellow, Colias hyale) on a chalk heath in Lower Franconia. This habitat with its species-rich insect communities is at a special risk in Bavaria because of the nitrogen input. (Photo: Ingolf Steffan-Dewenter)

    How does climate change affect biodiversity and ecosystem performance in Bavaria? Which strategies can counteract the impacts? The new Bavarian research alliance "LandKlif" seeks to answer these questions.

    The German Cancer Aid will establish a junior research center in Würzburg to do cancer research (the picture shows a carcinoma of the prostate, yellow). (Photo: Würzburg University Hospital)

    The German Cancer Aid will set up one of five Mildred Scheel Junior Research Centers in Würzburg. The center aims to provide ideal working conditions for young cancer researchers.