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Press Releases

Principle sketch of the experiment. The charge-separated radical pair (CSS-RP, black curve) decays in about 1000 nanoseconds by recombination of the electrons to singlet or triplet product. The dynamic change of the CSS radical pair between singlet (S) and triplet (T) is only recorded on average over the total reaction time. Using the push-pull technique, the singlet and triplet character of the CSS radical pair can be read out at any time.

Researchers from Konstanz, Novosibirsk and Würzburg make it possible to read out optically indistinguishable spin states with a new spectroscopy method - published in "Science".

Kitty Q in the Christmas Mood

The award-winning game app Kitty Q from the Würzburg-Dresden Cluster of Excellence ct.qmat is drawing wider circles: In January, a series of explainer videos will be launched.

The box containing the SkyCAM-5 camera system is about 70 centimetres high.

A new camera system has gone into test operation at the University of Würzburg. It is designed to detect unidentified aerial phenomena using artificial intelligence methods.

Some people might avoid this alley in Würzburg. The mere sight of a mask can activate fears of Covid.

Seeing masked people can activate pre-existing fear of coronavirus infection. A more positive image for masks could remedy the situation.