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Press Releases

Diffuse abdominal pain is a characteristic feature of irritable bowel syndrome, which scientists are investigating in the IMBAY 2020 project.

The State Ministry of Health and Care funds research on integrative medicine in Bavaria. To this end, a cooperation project between the University of Würzburg, the University Hospital of Würzburg, and the Bamberg Hospital has been launched.

This fluorescence microscopy image shows Campylobacter jejuni bacteria (green) that have infected human cells (HeLa). The nuclei of host cells are stained in blue and the cytoskeleton (actin) in magenta, respectively.

Many bacterial pathogens develop resistance to antibiotics. In their search for new therapeutic strategies, Würzburg research groups employ modern digital technologies. The Free State of Bavaria provides millions for this purpose.

LARP7 expression in the germline of mice. An immune staining of the protein (green) is shown, the cell nuclei are marked blue with a dye (DAPI). (Picture: AG Mofang Liu / Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Dwarfism and other developmental disorders are the consequences of a specific genetic defect. Researchers at the universities of Würzburg and Regensburg have now examined this gene in more detail.


Life in Dead Wood

Sebastian Vogel, PhD student at the JMU’s Ecological Station, is taking dead wood samples for the genetic determination of fungi and bacteria.

Dead wood plays an important role for biodiversity in forests. The Ecological Station of the University of Würzburg and the Forest Enterprise Ebrach conduct a joint research project on this topic that has been recently granted with 500,000 euros.