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Framework conditions

Any teaching concept depends on certain aspects – the so-called field conditions –, which cannot be changed, and simultaneously directly influence the planning of a course.

Before you even begin to employ constructive alignment, you should invest some time to identify the influencing factors of your course and assess their significance. Some are obvious, for example exam regulations, module handbooks, and the target learning group. Sometimes you will not be able to freely choose the type of course exam. You must also consider whether you will be working with first-year students or master’s students – this factor decisively determines the level of knowledge that the learning objectives should and must, by the end of the course, be able to impart.

Other influencing factors may be more subtle, since they are not explicitly prescribed: for example, a generally accepted style of teaching at your particular institution may end up restricting you in your choice of teaching methods.

It is important to analyze framework conditions because they influence all three elements of constructive alignment. Attention should be given to the following points:

The teaching activities of university instructors are framed by legal regulations.

Practice-oriented questions about higher education in Bavaria

Teaching is of great importance at the University of Würzburg: in its mission statement, three of the fourteen total points are focused on teaching alone.

Mission statement of the university

The focus on competence, introduced into the landscape of higher education through the Bologna reform, is accompanied by a fundamental reorientation from input (knowledge transfer) to output, i.e. learning outcomes or competences.

Competence orientation in study and teaching

A wide variety of course formats are available to facilitate good university teaching.

Event types

For all instructors, the University Library offers numerous services for the preparation and execution of courses.

Information about the University Library

Course administration includes all organizational steps for the planning and execution of courses.

WueCampus is the university-wide eLearning platform for instructors and students for everyday teaching and learning: the online course content provides easy and effective access to teaching and learning resources for all participants.



The Computer Center at JMU offers a variety of technical equipment that instructors may use for their courses.

Media usage at JMU

In addition to the core range of courses, special teaching assignments and remuneration may be awarded. The prerequisite for this is that sufficient budget funds are available.

To submit a teaching assignment or remuneration request, various documents must be provided to the administration.

Teaching assignments and remuneration