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Neuroblastoma cells under the microscope. The staining represents DNA damage, the more intense, the more severe and dangerous the damage. Cells on the right have no RNA exosome and are therefore much more susceptible to such damage.

The cells of a certain tumour type, called neuroblastoma, divide very rapidly. This rapid division can have potentially fatal consequences for them. A new study shows how neuroblastoma cells deal with this dilemma.

A tethered flying monarch butterfly orients in the flight simulator with respect to a green light spot. While flying, microelectrodes record the butterflies’ brain activity.

Monarch butterflies employ a sun compass on their long-distance migration. Surprisingly, a new study shows that the compass is only established during flight.

Intensively farmed experimental plot in a warm climate with a Malaise trap (in the background) for recording flying insects and a wild bee nesting trap (in the foreground) for recording plant-pollinator-parasite networks. The pieces of wood at the base of the nesting aid are used to determine the decomposition rate of wood.

The question of the causes of species extinction confronts science with complex tasks. Dr Sarah Redlich from the Biocentre on the challenge of creating a study design.

Oswald Külpe Award winner 2021 Jan De Houwer (left) with JMU Professor Wilfried Kunde.

The 2021 Oswald Külpe Prize of the Institute of Psychology goes to Professor Jan De Houwer from Ghent University.

Würzburg professor Kristina Lorenz with the three other recipients of the 2021 Phoenix Pharmacy Science Award.

A team led by Professor Kristina Lorenz has discovered a potential new active agent to treat heart failure. They have now been awarded a science prize.

The Wuerzburg Highly Cited Researchers 2021 (clockwise from top left): Hermann Einsele, Rainer Hedrich, Laurens Molenkamp, José Pedro Friedmann Angeli, Jörg Vogel.

Their work is most frequently cited in publications of other scientists. Four researchers from the University are therefore included in the Highly Cited Researchers 2021 List.

Martin Gruber and Elisa Roßberger strengthen the Chair of Ancient Near Eastern Studies at the University of Wuerzburg.

Elisa Roßberger and Martin Gruber have been appointed to newly created junior professorships at the Chair of Ancient Near Eastern Studies. Both do research and teach in the field of Near Eastern Archaeology.

The theoretical model (left) and the astronomical observations of the launching site of the relativistic jet of M87 are a very good match.

The black hole of the giant galaxy M87 shoots out an enormous jet of particles. A theoretical model of this jet has now been developed that fits astronomical observations very well.