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Quality Objectives in Study and Teaching

A high quality of study and teaching is made possible primarily by the daily commitment of teachers, students, and staff at JMU, and one of its central foci is to promote and ensure this level of quality.

Our common purpose is to create the best possible conditions for good teaching and the organization of studies, as well as to design, implement, and further develop attractive and ambitious programs of study.

Quality is contingent upon individual as well as subject-specific requirements and circumstances, multidimensional factors such as competences of students and teachers, organizational framework conditions, and, last but not least, continuous development.

The study and teaching goals at JMU extend from the university’s mission statement. As reflected in its motto Veritati, meaning “Committed to Truth”, JMU is committed to its belief that good learning and teaching at a university must always be derived from and supported by research, and is only possible when it is closely linked to the scientific activities and projects of the university’s faculties and institutes.

JMU’s four guiding principles of Commitment to Truth, Education and Personal Growth, University as Community, and Continual Advancements in Teaching are based on this philosophy that research and teaching are inextricably linked – a conviction which has always found practical application at JMU. In the synergy of these four guidelines, the university recognizes its seal of academic teaching and learning with respect to both the entirety of its faculties and to the community of researchers, teachers, and learners.

Quality Objectives of Julius Maximilians University of Würzburg