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Press Releases

Würzburg Professor Jürgen Groll.

For his outstanding work in the field of biofabrication, Professor Jürgen Groll receives the Senior Investigator Award 2022, the most prestigious award of the International Society for Biofabrication.

Ralph Claessen, Ursula Staudinger, and Paul Pauli (in the background, middle) and the entire Kitty Q team are delighted with the awards.

Three awards in one sweep: the mobile game app Kitty Q and its follow-up project QUANTube from the Würzburg-Dresden Cluster of Excellence ct.qmat received three awards in one day.

Ants are usually found in large numbers. But how many of them are there in total on earth?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? A team led by Würzburg biologists Dr. Patrick Schultheiss and Dr. Sabine Nooten now has the answer. In addition to the number, the distribution was also determined.

Regardless of whether a face shows anger or joy: both generate attention. From the perspective of psychology, both are so-called approach-oriented emotion expressions.

Does eye-contact always attract attention? Not in every case, as a research team at the University of Würzburg’s Institute of Psychology has recently shown. Why not? Because context matters.

A Matabele ant treats the wound of a conspecific with an antimicrobial substance.

Biologist Dr. Erik Frank is researching how an African ant species treats its wounded. To continue his work, the German Research Foundation (DFG) has now granted him an Emmy Noether group.

A Venus flytrap with its prey (center): When the fly comes close to the sensory hairs, an action potential (AP) is triggered in the Venus flytrap (left). Compared to the animal AP of the fly (right), distinctly different ion fluxes are involved in the different APs. (Image: Sönke Scherzer/Uni Würzburg)

The Venus flytrap relies on glutamate receptors to catch prey by transmitting corresponding stimuli electrically. A research team at the University of Würzburg has now explained the underlying molecular mechanism.