Responsible Research

True to its motto ‘Science for Society’, the University of Würzburg is committed to translating its research into societal benefit.

We believe that only responsible research is good research. This is why responsibility is a key focus when we plan and undertake our research. We always work according to the principles of good research practice, ensure transparency and compliance with ethical standards and use our resources in a sustainable manner.

The principle that guides our work: good practice in research

Our code of good practice in research and procedures for the investigation of misconduct in research are binding on everyone involved in research at the University of Würzburg.

Code of Good Practice in Research
Standing Commission for the Investigation of Scientific Misconduct
DFG liaison officer
Support for early career researchers


Sustainable research

‘I will be committed to making social, economic and ecological sustainability a key focus of JMU.’

Prof. Dr. Anja Schlömerkemper, Vice-President for Equal Opportunity, Career Planning and Sustainability.

Knowledge and technology transfer

Together with our partners in the business community, we work towards translating our research into practical applications, products and services.

Service Centre Research and Technology Transfer (SFT)
Open access policy

Ethically responsible research involving animals

Many advances in medicine have been made through research involving animals, and the University of Würzburg, too, undertakes animal research. The welfare of our laboratory animals is our top priority, and we undertake our animal research in line with the 3R principle.

This means that we undertake animal research only when there is no alternative available. We keep the number of animals used to an absolute minimum and use methods that minimise the suffering and distress experienced by them.

Animal research at the University of Würzburg
Animal Welfare Officer


The following committees provide our researchers with advice and support on issues relating to responsible research: