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Press Releases

Researchers from Jülich and Würzburg are jointly investigating new, exotic quantum states that form at interfaces between superconductors and topological materials. The image shows a quantum dot contact structure constructed at JMU from the topological insulator mercury telluride (blue), which is contacted with superconducting electrodes (green). An electrostatic gate (yellow) is used to control current conduction across the junction. Similar structures will be used in the future to investigate fundamental properties of topological qubits.

Forschungszentrum Jülich and the University of Würzburg will together investigate the quantum phenomena of topological materials and the opportunities they present within quantum computing. The Free State of Bavaria is funding the project to the tune of € 13 million.

Microscopic picture of a CD8+ T cell in the CNS of a two-year-old mouse. The cytotoxic T cell (red labelling) is located in immediate proximity to a damaged nerve fiber (green labelling) and is, according to the described results, involved in its damage. The cell nuclei of all cell bodies in the image are labelled in blue. Scale bar: 20 µm.

Certain immune cells can cause damage to the aging central nervous system, according to a novel study by scientists of the University Hospital and the University of Würzburg.