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Cluster of Excellence

Cluster of Excellence - Complexity and Topology in Quantum Matter (CT.QMAT)

Novel materials with tailored properties form the basis of state-of-the-art technologies, such as information processing, energy supply and medical technology. In the relevant scientific field of solid-state physics, the mathematical concept of topology was found to be the fundamental key to the understanding of the quantum mechanical states of matter. This realization has triggered research activities across the world and led to the discovery of numerous topological materials and phenomena, with key contributions from Würzburg (quantum spin Hall effect) and Dresden (prediction of magnetic monopoles in spin ice). In this young research area, the Cluster of Excellence "Complexity and Topology in Quantum Materials (ct.qmat)" was set up to examine such systems and their potential applications.

Researchers from physics, chemistry and the material sciences are working together to understand, control and store these fundamental new states of quantum matter. The current, complementary specialist expertise and research structures in Würzburg and Dresden form the basis for a broad research program – such as material synthesis, experimental and theoretical investigation of topological phenomena and their functional control as well as the design and testing of application concepts. The cluster is divided into four sub-areas, three of which investigate the role of topology and complexity in physically different contexts, namely (A) in charge transport, (B) in magnetic systems and (C) in light-matter interaction. Area (D) pursues the overarching goal of deriving functionalities from topological phenomena and investigating their application potential, e.g. loss-free electronics or quantum computers.

Locations: Würzburg, Dresden

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Ralph Claessen (Physics Institute)

Duration: since 2019

Further information can be found here.