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Press Releases

An island of the Azores: It is an example of an underwater volcano that has reached the sea surface. The crater is clearly visible.

Explosive volcanic eruptions are possible deep down in the sea – although the water masses exert enormous pressure there. An international team reports in the journal "Nature Geoscience" how this can happen.

Premature leaf senescence of a beech tree during the 2018 event, followed by lacking leaf flushing and canopy dieback in the following year.

No year has been as hot and dry as 2018 since climate records began. Central European forests showed severe signs of drought stress. Mortality of trees triggered in 2018 will continue for several years.

Schematic representation of the formation and presentation of cryptic peptides.

Using a newly developed method, Würzburg researchers were able to identify thousands of cryptic peptides on the surface of cells for the first time. These findings could provide a new starting point for cancer immunotherapy.


The Quantum Alliance, in which the Cluster of Excellence ct.qmat (Würzburg-Dresden) is represented, welcomes the German government’s initiative to promote quantum technologies. It includes two billion euros for quantum technologies.

The department of chemistry and the physics department at JMU scored particularly well in the Nature Index ranking.

The Nature Index 2020 is an indicator of the University of Würzburg's strong research performance in natural sciences and life sciences, ranking 104th in the world and 5th in Germany in the recently published ranking.

When matter falls towards the black hole at the center of a galaxy, part of it is accelerated outwards at nearly the speed of light. NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope can be used to observe such so-called jets.

Some galaxies may have two black holes at their centers. This is shown by the analysis of the gamma rays emitted by them. Würzburg astrophysicist Sara Buson was involved in the study.

Effective drugs to treat Covid-19 are in short supply. Scientists at JMU have now identified another compound that, at least in the laboratory, effectively combats corona viruses.

A standard drug for the treatment of depression might also be effective against Covid-19, a new study by Würzburg scientists shows which has been published on a preprint server.

False color scanning electron micrograph of meningococci (orange) adherent to human host cells (green).

In meningococci, the RNA-binding protein ProQ plays a major role. Together with RNA molecules, it regulates processes that are important for pathogenic properties of the bacteria.