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Junior Research Groups

Qualified young researchers have the opportunity to qualify for a university professorship over a period of six years by leading a junior research group on their own responsibility.

Current Projects

The program supports highly qualified young oncologists in the establishment of an independent working group and the further development of their scientific careers.

The program offers young researchers from all countries attractive career prospects at Bavarian universities.

In order to promote outstanding research, the University of Würzburg has launched the Excellent Ideas program in each of its Faculties, offering junior researchers the opportunity to kick-start their academic careers in an esteemed research environment. Junior researchers, who have already gained experience in an international environment and have made a contribution to the international research community in their field while in a postdoctoral position, will intensify their research activities and take over more responsibility in the context of a dynamic junior research group.

For an initial period of up to 5 years, JMU provides support for a total of 13 junior research groups across the whole range of disciplines covered by the University. For this program, the university has identified cutting-edge fields of research in all of its faculties. Junior researchers will contribute to the program with their own innovative approach to research in one of these fields.