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    Professor Raymond Mar

    He received a prestigious award from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Now professor Raymond Mar will spend time at the University of Würzburg to do joint research with two professors at the Faculty of Human Sciences.

    It took months of computer work to decipher the spatial structure of the viral RNA polymerase. The picture shows the protein complex with its specific subunits from different sides.

    Vaccinia viruses serve as a vaccine against human smallpox and as the basis of new cancer therapies. Two studies now provide fascinating insights into their unusual propagation strategy at the atomic level.

    Prof. Chase Beisel (Photo: Mario Schmitt)

    For his research project "CRISPR Combo", Prof. Chase Beisel receives a five-year grant of two million euros. He wants to search for combinations of relevant key genes of pathogens in order to be able to specifically eliminate these in the future with the help of tailor-made CRISPR genetic scissors.

    Wild honeybees at their nesting place in a tree cavity.

    The forests in Europe provide habitat for around 80,000 colonies of wild honeybees. That is why more attention should be paid to preserving the nesting sites for these threatened insects, according to researchers.

    Ingolf Steffan-Dewenter, Juliano Sarmento Cabral, Ludmilla Figueiredo und Jochen Krauß (v.l).

    If ecosystems are disturbed, this can trigger the extinction of species. For her research in this field, the journal Ecography awards biologist Ludmilla Figueiredo with a prize.