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Press Releases

Synaptic disorder

Electron microscope image of synaptic vesicles in the axon terminals of reference motor neurons (left) and Plekhg5-deficient motor neurons (right) at 100,000x magnification. Dysfunctional synaptic vesicles that are degraded in healthy individuals accumula

A Würzburg research team describes a hitherto unknown pathogenic mechanism of motor neuron disorders. This should lead to a rethinking in drug development.

receptors (green) and G proteins (magenta) at the surface of a living cell

Using a revolutionary live-cell microscopy technique, an international team of scientist has observed for the first time individual receptors for hormones and widely used drugs at work in intact cells.

Cells under a microscope

Myc proteins play an important role when cells become cancerous. Researchers from the University of Würzburg have studied just how they do this. They might thus open up ways to develop new therapies.

Quinoa leaf with typical salt bladders.

The quinoa plant might serve as a model for making other crops salt-tolerant. It grows well on saline soils because the excess salt is simply dumped into special bladders on its leaves.