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Kristina Suchotzki is fascinated about lies.

A study conducted by scientists from the Netherlands and Belgium takes a closer look at liars and the lies they tell. Würzburg psychologist Kristina Suchotzki participated in the study. Now the team has been awarded the lg Nobel Prize, the humorous parody of its Swedish counterpart.

Nicolai Siegel is determined to sequence the genomic architecture of certain parasites. The new findings are set to facilitate the development of novel drugs. (Photo: private)

How do pathogens such as bacteria or parasites manage to hide from their host's immune system? Biochemist Nicolai Siegel is looking into this question within the scope of a new research project funded by the European Union with EUR 1.5 million.

Professor Markus Engstler is convinced that the innovative concept of the CCTB will bear fruit.

Back in 2014 already, the Faculty of Biology established the "Center for Computational and Theoretical Biology" (CCTB). On September 21, University President Alfred Forchel inaugurated the CCTB's new rooms on Hubland Nord campus.

Twin jets emanating from the heart of an active galaxy: NGC 1052 at three millimetre wavelength, observed with the Global Millimetre VLBI Array.

German astronomers have measured the exact location of a black hole and the magnetic field near the event horizon. They show that magnetic fields are capable of providing enough magnetic energy to power strong relativistic jets in active galaxies.

The larva of chrysopidae with its prey, a potato aphid; biological pest control using natural predators boosts yields and benefits additionally from reduced tillage and landscapes of great structural diversity.

Putting a halt to the profound changes affecting agricultural landscapes: With this goal in mind, scientists, farmers and official representatives teamed up to look into ecological intensification as a potential solution.

Cover (OBS).

In 2015, the news shows aired by broadcasters ARD and ZDF failed to meet central quality standards. A study conducted by journalistic researchers from the University of Würzburg came to this conclusion. They looked into coverage of the Greek national debt crisis on behalf of the Otto Brenner Foundation (OBS).