Deutsch Intern

Meet Wenyan Zhao...

nonName: Wenyan Zhao
Home Country and City: China, Zhejiang Providence
Field of study: English
Favorite German word: Natürlich
Three words to summarise your time in Würzburg: free, challenge, new



1) Since when are you in Würzburg and how long will you probably stay here?

I came in September the 1st and I will stay for one semester.

2) What do you like most about studying in Würzburg?

Meeting a lot of international students and learning about different cultures.

3) Are ther any differences between your study in Würzburg and in your home?

The most difference is absolutely language barriers. I have to spend much more time to learn the language.

4) What are you doing in your lesure time?

shopping, party, reading books, cooking.

5) How do you like Würzburg and what especially do you like in Würzburg?

I think Würzburg is a tranquil and beautiful place. What I like the most is the nice locals and friendly students.

6) Do you have a favorite German dish?


7) What do you find as the biggest cultural difference from your home and Germany? Did you have a cultural shock?

Food culture. In china the daily diet seems to be a top priority. People spend a lot of time on cooking and enjoying meal. While German people don’t pay much attention to food and don’t spend much time on cooking.

8) Is there a funny anecdote / story you experienced during your stay here in a foreign country?

I didn’t know how to use coffee machine at the beginning. So I drank black coffee without any sugar for several times.

9) Did you also travel to other countries and cities during your study stay in Würzburg? Where?

I’ve traveled to Munich during the Oktoberfest and Berlin during the 25th anniversary of the fall of the wall. I also have traveled to Austria and planned to go to France, the Netherlands and Spain over Christmas.

10) What three tips would you give to the following exchange students?

1) Hold a really positive attitude and be willing to try new things. Because it is the best way to quickly get involved on campus and get to know German culture.

2) Don’t be afraid of asking questions and turning to people around you for help. Although German people look kind of a loof. But they are really nice and willing to help.

3) If you are Chinese students like me and don’t know how to cook, try to learn some “your favorite Chinese dishes” at home. I can assure you that you will miss Chinese food when you get here.<xml></xml>