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Applicants from abroad may discover that their certificates, diplomas and qualifications, which would normally entitle them to study in their respective lands of origin, do not grant them direct admission to a university in Germany. Prospective students may be required to first take part in a “Feststellungsprüfung” at a Studienkolleg. For the University of Würzburg the Studienkolleg in Munich is responsible. The successful completion of this exam grants the applicant access to a specified range of subjects at university, in accordance with the type of course/ exam taken at Studienkolleg.

An application directly at the Studienkolleg is not possible. Please apply for the subject of your choice at the University of Wuerzburg.

We will issue an admission for the Studienkolleg if necessary.

How to apply?


With your assignment to the Studienkolleg, you will also receive an invitation to Studienkolleg's entrance examination. Further information on the entrance examination as well as sample examinations can be found on the page of the Studienkolleg in Munich.