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Study programmes & doctoral studies

Please find the complete list of study programmes  available at the University of Würzburg here. Most study programmes are tought in German but there are some Master's degrees in English. You can find the complete list of  Master's programmes here.

Please note that the application process can vary depending on the programme of study. For more information see our application chart.

  • To enrol for an undergraduate programme, you do not have to hold a university degree.
  • To apply for an undergraduate programme, a higher education entrance qualification (Hochschulzugangsberechtigung HZB, equivalent to the German “Abitur”) is required.
  • Some subjects have admissions restrictions. That means that a specified minimum grade is required.
  • To find out which subjects have admissions restrictions and which do not, please check the list of all subjects.
  • The application procedure  depends on whether the subject has admissions restrictions or not.

  • The University of Würzburg offers CONSECUTIVE Master's programmes only. Knowledge gained from a Bachelor's programme/Undergraduate programme will be expanded upon.
  • To be admitted to one of our consecutive Master's programmes, you need an above-average Bachelor in the same subject or a very similar subject.
  • The University of Würzburg checks the equivalence of your Academic Records (describes characteristics, levels, context as well as the degree)/ Diploma Supplement.
  • If your degree is not equivalent to the German qualification, you probably have to pass an additional test or an aptitude test or you will not be admitted.
  • Once the institute / faculty has evaluated your qualifications, you will receive your letter of acceptance from the International Students Office.
  • To get an overview of the study programmes offered by the University of Würzburg, you may consult the following websites:

  1. With a faculty
  2. With a Graduate School
  3. Bi-National Programme (Cotutelle, Cotutella, Joint Supervision of Doctoral Thesis)

Please find further information about the application process for a doctoral program here.

Academic Advising Centre (Studienberatung)

From the very beginning of your studies, the Academic Advising Centre provides you competent advice to help you plan and organize course scheduling, combining courses, changing majors, double majors, doctoral studies, and second courses of study. You can drop by during our office hours (even during the semester breaks), call us or send questions per email or postal mail. Contact us!

Klara-Oppenheimer-Weg 32
Tel. 0931-31-83183

Email: studienberatung@uni-wuerzburg.de

Departmental student advisers (Fachstudienberatung)

For any specific, academic questions about your study programme, please contact the departmental student adviser who is responsible for your study programme.