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Semester Ticket, Bank Account, Library and IT Services

Your student ID card also serves as ticket for public transport. Further information and zone of validity of the semester ticket can be found here.

It is useful for your stay in Germany to open a German bank account.

With a German bank account, you can:

  • Make cashless payments by debit card
  • Pay your rent or semester fee by bank transfer or online banking

A few tips for the bank account:

  • Many banks offer a free bank account for students;
  • To open a bank account, you will need your
    • Tax Identification number (after registering at the Town hall, you can get it from the tax office: Ludwigstr. 25, 97070 Würzburg) (important to know: this process can take a few days!)
    • student ID card and
    • your passport;
  • Do not forget to close your account before your departure;
  • EU citizens: With IBAN and BIC you can also transfer money comfortably and free-of-charge to and from Germany from your home account.


The  University Library offers a wide range of services including:

  • borrowing books and other media (e.g. journals, CDs, DVDs)
  • working areas
  • PCs
  • printing, photocopying and scanning

The University of Würzburg offers its students excellent IT services and has high-quality and modern computer equipment.

The computer center Rechenzentrum is located on the Hubland South campus and provides comprehensive services for electronic data processing:

  • 10 user facilities with more than 100 PCs with Windows and Linux;
  • Acces to printers, scanners and further hardware;
  • A selection of software for different applications;
  • Abundance of free computer courses for students of all faculties.

Many departments also have small computer labs internet access available for students.

Once you are enrolled, you will receive your university email address and your access authorization for the computers of the University.