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HelloHuman – a project for UniWü students who are excited about the world and the people in it! International students often need a helping hand, but don’t know who to ask. German students want to meet internationals, but don’t know where to find them. With our HelloHuman pin, you’ll let others know that you want to connect!

Step ONE – Get a HelloHuman pin at the International Students Office

Step TWO – Stick this pin on your backpack (or purse or shirt or bike – just make it visible!) to let other students know you’re a fellow HelloHuman and they can come and say hi.

Step THREE – When someone sees your pin and asks where you’re from, or where the nearest library is, meet them, greet them, give them a hand, and get to know other (culturally keen) humans like you!
And if you see someone else with a HelloHuman pin, don’t forget to say “Hey!”