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This site provides information and application forms for international applicants WITHOUT a German citizenship and WITHOUT a German university degree/ German school-leaving qualification. International applicants WITH a German university degree/ German school-leaving qualification have to apply online.

Corona-related application deadlines for the winter semester 2021/22

  •  Undergraduate degree programmes: 31 July
  •  Studienkolleg: 15 July
  •  Master's degree programmes without admission restrictions: 15 July (or the respective divergent application deadlines)
  •  Master's programmes with admission restrictions: 31 July

Nevertheless, please submit your documents as soon as possible (if possible by 15 July) in order to avoid unnecessarily long processing times and thus delays in the admission procedure.

Application deadlines:

For the Summer Semester: January 15

For the Winter Semester: July 15

  • Even if you got an admisson for a previous semester, you have to apply again and hand in all required application documents again.
  • Not all courses can be started in the winter semester and the summer semester. To find out when it is possible to start your preferred degree programme, please consult the list of all degree programmes.
  • For some degree programmes in English the application deadlines differ from the ones mentioned above. Please refer to the list of all Master's programmes in English for divergent application deadlines.

1. Choose a field of study

Please find information about all fields of study here. A list study programmes in English can be found here.

The application procedure can vary depending on the applicant’s country of origin and choice of study field.

* ! Attention: The application deadline for the student dormitories is always June 15th for the Winter Semester and January 15th for the Summer Semester!

2. Where to apply?

Contact persons