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Learning Agreement

Course schedule information for international exchange students (e.g. ERASMUS)

Open the course catalogue. Important: Choose the right Semester! You can use our video tutorials (course management) to become familiar with our course catalogue.

Tip: Always choose the programme with the higher number of ECTS. All courses included in programmes with fewer credits are also included in this programme.


  • You’re also allowed to take courses for students of all subjects ("Veranstaltungen für Hörer/-innen aller Fakultäten") (e.g. for language courses, etc.).
  • To find English taught courses, please use the Advanced Search function and select English as the teaching language. 
  • You will be admitted to the major specified in your application (ERASMUS according to the bilateral agreement), but as an exchange student you can also attend courses in other subjects. However, in some courses it could be required to have previous knowledge of the subject. You can ask the lecturer.
  • Language courses start with a placement test. With the help of this placement test you will be assigned to a course that corresponds to your language level. This means that the course level you specify in your Learning Agreement might change after the test.

By clicking on a course, you get further information. This table will help you to understand the terms used.


  • Complete your Learning Agreement with the chosen courses. Changes to the chosen courses in the Learning Agreement are possible after arrival in Würzburg at any time and on previous arrangement with the Coordinator (“changes to the original Learning Agreement”).
  • At the University of Würzburg, the Learning Agreements will be signed by the departmental coordinators.
  • You know if you need a Learning Agreement for your home university. If your home university doesn’t need one, the University of Würzburg doesn’t need it either.
  • You can get advice from the coordinators, the academic advisor center or from the faculties concerning the study focus, course catalogue , etc.
  • Instruction course registration.