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Course registration & orientation events

You can find all available courses in the course catalogue (Vorlesungsverzeichnis). You can use our video tutorials (course management) to become familiar with our course catalogue.

If you need support you may contact:

  • For questions with regard to the content and the schedule
  • For questions about a particular course (number of ECTS-points, type of exam, etc.): the responsible lecturer or professor.

Some departments offer a special programme, office hours etc. for exchange students:

  • Würzburg English Language Programme
  • Courses for academic research:
    • German universities place great value on independent, academic work and research. Courses for academic research, for presentations and moderation, and much more are offered by the Studierwerkstatt.
    • Additionally, the KOMPASS-Programm provides writing consultations during weekly office hours, as well as interdisciplinary courses on "academic writing".
  • The project "Globale Systeme und interkulturelle Kompetenz" (GSiK) offers diverse and science-based courses for the acquisition of intercultural competence. Foreign students are very welcome!

  • General orientation event: First Steps  events of the International Students Office.
  • The subject specific Orientation Events usually take place during the first semester week. It is very important to attend these courses because they provide all important information about schedules, exams etc.
  • A list with the subject specific orientation events can be found in the course schedule ("Einführungsveranstaltungen zum Studienbeginn").
  • If your subject is NOT on this list, please check your subject's website or contact your departmental coordinator.

  • The video tutorial "Register for Courses via JMU´s Class Schedule" shows how to register for courses online.
  • Please note:
    • You first have to be enroled before you are able to register for courses. Please read all emails you receive after your enrolment and follow the instructions.
    • It is only possible to register for courses, not for exams. If you want to take an exam, please talk to your lecturer before or during the term.
    • For courses in the Faculty of Business Management and Economics: If you have registered for a course online and would like to take an exam, please contact the lecturer as well as the coordinator of the Faculty of Business Management and Economics ( incoming@wiwi.uni-wuerzburg.de).
  • Registration via lecturer (member of the teaching staff): If you CANNOT register online. The lecturer's names can be found in the course description under "Responsible" . Please inform your lecturer that you are an exchange student. To get the lecturer's email address, you can consult WueAddress.
  • For some fields of study, you can register for courses at the orientation event (cf. above).