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Course Schedule & Orientation Events

Studying in Germany requires self-reliance and motivation. Students arrange their own course schedules with the assistance of the Course Catalogue. The student self-administration via Wuestudy is explained in our video tutorials.

Please note:

Introductory Orientation Events for Separate Subjects

The Orientation Events usually take place during the first semester week. It is very important to attend these courses because they provide all important information about schedules, exams etc.

All orientation events are listed in the course schedule ("Einführungsveranstaltungen zum Studienbeginn").

If your subject is NOT on this list, please check your subject's website or contact the Academic Advising Center of your subject (Fachstudienberatung) of your subject.

  • Courses for academic research:
  • German universities place great value on independent, academic work and research. Courses for academic research, for presentations and moderation, and much more are offered by the Studierwerkstatt.
  • Additionally, the KOMPASS-Programm provides writing consultations during weekly office hours, as well as interdisciplinary courses on "academic writing".