Deutsch Intern

Meet Terezie Lankova...

nonName: Terezie Lankova
Home Country and City: Czech Republic, Karvina
Field of study: Economics
Favorite German word: Regenbogen
Three words to summarise your time in Würzburg: Dormitory am Hubland, a lot of food, learning German


1) Since when are you in Würzburg and how long will you probably stay here?

I am here since the first of September and  remain unfortunately only until the end of March, so for just one semester.

2) What do you like most about studying in Würzburg?


I like the method of teaching. The teacher talks to the students and we have no chance to be quiet because we should always answer.

3) Are there any differences between your study in Würzburg and in your home?

Yes of course, the language J. I think that a lot of students here read the books they should study. The library is always full of students and that is very good!

4) What are you doing in your lesure time?

I spend a lot of time with other Erasmus students. We cook together, go on trips, playing badminton in the sports center of the university. And of course I do my homework. Sometimes it takes nearly 2-3 hours because we have a lot of homework.

5) How do you like Würzburg and what especially do you like in Würzburg?

I like the view from the fortress Marienberg on the whole city, the vineyards and the Main river. The whole city has a very nice atmosphere and there are many students. There are many different festivals with music such as STRAMU festival, which I liked best.

6) Do you have a favorite German dish?

No I have no favorite German food. Most of all I like the Czech cuisine J I have eaten nothing special yet. Still, I think the Bavarian cuisine is similar to the Czech.

7) What do you find as the biggest cultural difference from your home and Germany? Did you have a cultural shock?


I don't know any cultural difference between Germany and the Czech Republic. Perhaps only that cars in the Czech Republic often do not stop in front of the crosswalk, but that's a question of traffic laws on the respective countries.

8) Is there a funny anecdote / story you experienced during your stay here in a foreign country?

I don't have any particular story to tell but I think that often funny things happen when someone unconsciously changes letters in words or a phrase takes on a totally different meaning by poor pronunciation. For example in German "I moved" and "I have changed my clothes" are quiet similar except for a little difference.

9) Did you also travel to other countries and cities during your study stay in Würzburg? Where?

Yes I was in Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Bad Windsheim and the longest trip was to London. I want to go to Munich and Berlin.

10) What three tips would you give to the following exchange students?


1) Don't stress yourself! The people here are very nice and helpful. They understand that we are foreign students and that we cannot understand everything in German.

2) Don't convert Euros into Czech Crowns when you go shopping in stores!

3) I recommend to you two websites: jrzdomat.cz and blablacar.de, there you can travel cheap and also get to know new people.