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Sport, music, theater

Semester programme for extracurricular activities

The International Students Office and the student council offer great extracurricular activities and events each semester so international students can get to know the German culture and get in contact with German students and fellow international students.

All activities can be found in our semester programme!

University Sports (Hochschulsport)

Many types of sports and exercise classes are offered at the University of Würzburg and are available for students of all fields of study. Many of the classes can be taken for just 15.00 Euro per semester.

More information can be found on Hochschulsport's website!

Choir, Orchestra, Theater

Are you interested in the arts? If you would like to play music in your free time, you can join the choir or orchestra of the University. If you are interested in acting you can join the Studi(o)Bühne (acting in German) or the English Drama Group (acting in English).

Student Communities

The student communities “Evangelische Studentengemeinde” (ESG) and “Katholische Hochschulgemeinde” (KHG) offers all students – regardless of denomination – a versatile program of regularly scheduled activities, lectures and meetings!

Concerts and Music Festivals

Concerts and festivals play an important role in the cultural life of the city of Würzburg. Especially two annual open-air festivals should be mentioned: The largest Africa festival in Europe, where you can hear traditional and modern music, stroll through the bazaar, enjoy international food, and take in a particularly lovely atmosphere, and the festival “Umsonst & Draussen” with musicians of all styles, a fun bazaar, and an art tent (and it’s umsonst or free to get in!)

Classical music fans will especially enjoy the Mozartfest.

If you want to play music by your own, you may find friends at the Kammerorchester Grombühl.

Cultural events

The cityscape of Würzburg is characterized by architecturally and historically interesting buildings such as the Residenz, the fortress Marienberg, the Dom St. Kilian or the old Main bridge. Museums and galleries also present important artworks like masterpieces of Riemenschneider in the Mainfränkisches Museum, the original laboratory of Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen in the X-Memorial or the collection “Konkrete Kunst in Europa nach 1945” and other other interesting exhibits in the Kulturspeicher.

Here you can find the current cultural event calendar of the city of Würzburg.


Many cinemas in and around Würzburg provide an extensive theater program, which also includes the famous “International Film Weekend”, held every January.

Venues, Pubs, restaurants, nightclubs…

The Cairo is a place for events and educational opportunities for young and old as concerts, improvisation theatre, lectures, movie nights, discussions... Beyond that, you will find there a dance floor and three workshops: a photographic laboratory, a pottery and a video studio.

Delicious restaurants serving Franconian and international cuisine, student and music pubs, wine bars, beer gardens, nightclubs and also wine- and city festivals dominate the social life of Würzbzrg.

More information can be found on FRIZZ online and wuewowas.de

News, trips... Find news on the cultural life in Würzburg on the Website of WÜRZBURG erleben.The university's website provides information about