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  • City of Würzburg, River Main, Fortress Marienberg, Leisure time

Würzburg's Environs

Würzburg is situated directly in the center of Lower Franconia. This Bavarian district borders on Baden-Württemberg, Hesse, and Thuringia. Other major cities in the region are Schweinfurt and Aschaffenburg, and many small towns are worth a trip as well, such as Marktheidenfeld, Lohr am Main, Wertheim, Kitzingen, Bad Mergentheim, Ochsenfurt, or Tauberbischofsheim.

Winegrowing Villages and Wine Festivals

The environs of Würzburg have been shaped by winegrowing, tourism and agriculture. Many idyllic winegrowing villages attract tourists with their picturesque half-timbered houses and Franconian cuisine. In summer, their allure is magnified by countless wine festivals, which strongly appeal to a younger aucience as well. Frequently, these festivals take place under the open sky, in romantic village lanes or the courtyards of the wineries.

Swimming and Minibeaches

In recent years, the authorities have attested the quality of the water of the River Main to be so high that more and more people no longer go for a swim in the public pools, but in the river. In some places, minibeaches have been created - turning a simple excursion to the river into a kind of short vacation. Suitable bathing lakes, however, are few and far between, the nearest ones are in the area of Erlabrunn, and a trip there takes about 30 minutes by bicycle.


For daytrips or longer ones into the further environs, Taubertal, the valley of the Tauber river, or the uplands of Spessart, Rhön, and Steigerwald are recommended. And anyone who wants to breathe big city air as a change from all this pleasant countryside will get to Nürnberg, Stuttgart, or Frankfurt am Main fairly quickly, by car or by train. Each of the three cities is only 120 kilometers away.