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Application and Admission for Exchange Students

(Erasmus, partnership agreements, DAAD stipends, Fulbright, Coimbra Group Student Exchange Network (SEN), VDAC, Swiss European Mobility Programme, etc…)

For an exchange semester / year at the University of Würzburg, please first apply at your home university, which will nominate you officially via e-mail afterwards.

Please consider our  language requirements for an admission.

We will send you the link to our online registration form by email AFTER having received your nomination by your home university.

Deadlines for registration:

  • 15 June for the Winter term
  • 15 January for the Summer term
  • Please register as soon as possible and contact us if you cannot meet these deadlines!
  • ! Please note: Application deadline for a dormitory of „Studentenwerk“ is 15 June for Winter term and 15 January for Summer term! You won’t need the International Office’s admission letter for applying for a room!

After you registered online, the staff members of the International Students Office are going to check your application. Afterwards, you will get your Letter of Admission for one semester/ one year to the University of Würzburg. The Letter of Admission is sent by email, usually starting from June (for the winter term) and from December (for the summer term). With your admission email, you will also get further information about studying in Würzburg.

You can enrol through the online platform of the University of Würzburg WueStudy. You will receive all the information needed on your Admission Letter. Feel free to contact our staff and our tutors if you need a helping hand. You will receive your student ID card and semester ticket a few days after enrolment.

-> Further information for enrolment