Our Offers


Virtual exchange and digital mobility at the neo-philological institute:: The DAAD-funded project WueGlobal is located at the intersection between practical foreign language use, international scholarly exchange and digital communication.

Writing Matters

Through the "Writer in Residence" program, you can get in contact with well-known authors. During "ASK", a recurring special event centered around academic writing, you will become familiar with all aspects of the academic writing process.

Writing Consultations

We also support you with one-on-one writing consultations. You will find more information here once individual consultations are offered again.



Writing Modules

By participating in our workshops focusing on academic or literary writing, you can earn ECTS credits for the ASQ Pool and Freie Bereich modules in your course of study.

Writing Tutors

We offer students the opportunity to become Writing Tutors through participating in the Basic and Advanced Training offers at the Writing Center. They may work at the Writing Center directly or support the students in their specific departments.



For Teachers

We are available to assist you if you need support in helping your students improve their writing skills.