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PROMOS – Funding Stays in Non-Erasmus Countries

Stays abroad in countries outside the ERASMUS area (participating EU countries including EU overseas territories, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey) are eligible for funding.
Stays in Switzerland and Great Britain are eligible. An overview of the subsidy rates by country can be viewed here.

Group study and competition trips can be funded worldwide, but must be applied for by the group coordinator for a group of students.

Funding through a PROMOS scholarship may only be granted if there is no  travel warning in place from the Federal Foreign Office for the country or region in question during the funding period. 
Students going abroad to regions with a critical security situation are requested to register on the website of the Federal Foreign Office ("Electronic registration of Germans abroad").




Students of JMU Würzburg who are enrolled as regular full‑time degree-seeking students at the time of application and during the full duration of their stay abroad are aligible to apply. International students can apply for funding in stays abroad other than in their home countries.

PhD students cannot be supported through PROMOS. 

Stays in countries or regions with a travel warning issued by the German Federal Foreign Office are not eligible for funding. If a travel warning is issued during your stay, your funding may be stopped.

Students can receive funding under the PROMOS programme for multiple activities within one cycle of study (Bachelor, Master, Diplom, Magister, state examination), but the total funding period may not exceed 6 months per cycle.




1 - 30 November of the previous year: for stays starting between 1 January and 30 June

1 - 30 April of the same year: for stays starting between 1 July and 31 December

The application form will be active only during the application window. 

Please note that incomplete applications and late submissions of documents will not be accepted. 


Online application via  Mobilitätsportal (no paper application accepted)

The following documents as pdf-files will be required for the application.

Please note that we will not accept incomplete or late submissions of documents. Applications for stays that have already started are not accepted. 



Depending on the available budget and the overall application situation, partial scholarships are usually awarded for 1 and up to a maximum of 3 months; Travel expenses cannot be allocated at all or only to a limited extent due to an insufficient budget. 
The duration and scope of the funding is therefore independent of the actual period of stay and the actual costs incurred as a result of a stay abroad. Thus, a stay must not be dependent on the approval of the PROMOS scholarship.

Travel expenses and accommodation allowances vary depending on the destination country. An overview of the country flat rates can be found here. Tuition fees cannot be covered.

BAföG recipients must notify their BAföG office that they have received the PROMOS grant. The scholarship amount may be deducted from your BAföG payments.



Combination with other scholarships

  •   DAAD individual grants and PROMOS grants may not be used at the same time.
  •   The Deutschlandstipendium and the PROMOS grants can be drawn at the same time without any restrictions.
  •   Double funding from German public funds is not permitted. If stays abroad are funded by German public funds, the purpose of the funding is decisive. This means that funding via PROMOS is not possible if the same purpose is already being pursued with German public funds.
  •   Scholarships from private funds can be obtained in addition to PROMOS scholarships without restrictions.
  •   Remunerated activities during the duration of the scholarship may only be carried out with the consent of the project sponsor.
The University of Würzburg points out that PROMOS funding must be reported to other scholarship providers.

Online application via  Mobilitätsportal (no paper application accepted)




Current proof of language skills serves to ensure quality in the selection process and a successful stay abroad. Successful applicants must demonstrate sufficient foreign language skills in the language of instruction or work in the form of a current language certificate. Unfortunately, applicants who do not meet this language hurdle cannot be considered further in the selection process. Late submitted language certificates will not be accepted.

What language? Language of instruction or local language?
The language of instruction/work is what is relevant. If you also have knowledge of the local language, that will be seen as an advantage. If the language of instruction/work is German, the local language is relevant.

Language certificates are valid for up to 24 months after issuance. Abitur/high school grades for foreign languages are not recognized as language proof.

You can find further information on the acquisition or recognition of a language certificate in the information sheet.

General information about language certificates (information sheet available in German only).

Only complete and timely applications will be considered in the selection process. Applications with missing or invalid document, e.g. language certificates will be excluded from the selection process.

Complete application documents will be evaluated using a point system while the following criteria will be taken into account:

  • Academic and language qualifications (transcript of records and reports)
  • Presentation of the motivation for the stay
  • linguistic proficiency
  • Relevance of stay abroad for studies
  • University and non-university engagement

The selection is based on the application documents. Applicants may be invited to selection interviews. The selection committee consists of representatives of the Service Center InterNational Transfer and the Vice President for Internationalisation.

Applicants classified as eligible for funding, but who have not received a nomination due to insufficient funding, are put on a waiting list. If additional funds are subsequently approved by the DAAD or if selected scholarship holders reject the scholarships awarded, then applicants from the waiting list can move up will be contacted by email.

Paid internships are given lower priority and are considered if sufficient funds are available.

Notification of the selection results will be send by email within 8 weeks after the application deadline.

Selected applicants will receive a binding PROMOS scholarship agreement via email, which must be signed and returned by email to promos@uni-wuerzburg.de in due time.

Please note that scholarship awards vary by country and assessment score. There is no entitlement to funding or full scholarships!


The University of Würzburg, together with the German Academic Exchange Service, aims to promote the international mobility of students who are fully enrolled in Germany. This is done by awarding PROMOS grants as part of a selection process, insofar as the funding requirements are met and subject to available funds.
There is no legal entitlement to a PROMOS scholarship even if all funding requirements are met. The selection is at the dutiful discretion of the University of Würzburg, taking into account the DAAD funding requirements. The social need of the applicant has no influence on the approval or the assessment of the grant.

Travel Warnings

Funding through a PROMOS scholarship may only be granted if there is no travel warning in place from the Federal Foreign Office for the country or region in question during the funding period. Students going abroad to regions with a critical security situation are requested to register on the website of the Federal Foreign Office ("Electronic registration of Germans abroad").

You can find general information on security precautions for trips abroad and stays abroad here.


Insurance coverage

It is the responsibility of the scholarship holder to ensure adequate insurance cover for the duration of the full stay abroad. Please consult your insurance provider or the DAAD group insurance provider.
It is advisable to take out supplementary international health insurance (including repatriation) and liability insurance that offers insurance cover in the respective host country.
It is important to note that neither the PROMOS scholarship from the DAAD nor the International Office of the University of Würzburg offers insurance coverage. All insurance services must be paid for by the scholarship holders themselves.

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