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Data Protection Regulation

Purpose of Data Processing

By submitting an online application for participation in a University of Würzburg study- or work-abroad programme through the application-management system „Moveonline“ and/or the alternative submission method (email or postal mail), you are voluntarily giving us your personal data. By submitting the application form, you allow the International Students Office to collect, save, and process your personal data for the application and execution of study- and work-abroad programmes. The personal and study-abroad related information in Moveon is used solely for the selection process and management of exchange programmes, for internal and external reporting (i.e. DAAD/EU Commission), statistical reports, and registration at the foreign host university. Processing and selection are not possible without the submission of this information. For this reason, data may be forwarded electronically or by postal mail to other responsible internal or external offices.

By submitting information for an emergency-contact person, you permit us to contact the person listed in the event of an emergency.

In order to improve the flow of information, the International Students Office attempts to establish contact between the participants of respective exchange programmes. If you provided your consent, the International Students Office will forward your name, field of study, and email address to the other participants in your programme.

This data-protection statement is valid and dated January 2021. It may be necessary to update this data-protection statement due to further development of the online-application system or new technology. We reserve the right to change the data-protection statement at any time with immediate effect from that date forward and, therefore, recommend that you periodically read the current data-protection statement.

Legal Basis for Data Processing

Sec. 6, para. 1 DSGVO

Legitimate interest pursuant to Sec. 6, para. 1 DSGVO

The collection and use of personal and study-abroad related data is necessary for the implementation of the programme. Participation in a study- or work-abroad programme and/or funding programme of International Students Office and/or faculties is otherwise not possible. Information that is collected and saved: First name, last name, address, date of birth, gender, student or private email address, telephone number, student ID number, emergency contact information, curriculum vitae, major and semester of study, faculty, information regarding your stay abroad (country, host institution, length of stay), foreign-language skills, grade point averages and courses attended, motivation, recommendations, as well as bank information for scholarship programmes. Additional personal information may be required for the application (for example, if any disabilities are present).

Erasmus Programme

General guidelines of the grant agreement (Appendix I) apply for students participating in the Erasmus programme. Various data and documents in connection with the grant agreement must be stored for possible review by the national agency, NA DAAD, and the EU Commission. This guideline is valid for a duration of five years starting on the date the final payment is made or receipt of the NA DAAD’s feedback statement of the final evaluation report. After this five-year period, personal data will be deleted according to legal regulations.

Other Programmes

The personal data you submitted is deleted or suspended as soon as the purpose for collecting the data no longer applies. Data may be saved beyond that time if stipulated by the European or national legislature in rules or regulations to which we are subject. A suspension or deletion of the data will then be undertaken when the required storage period defined within the regulation has expired, unless the data must be saved for the completion or fulfilment of a contract.

Data Transfer to Third Parties

Yes, your data will be transferred to third parties:

1. Funding Organisations/Scholarship providers (i.e. EU Commission/ DAAD):

The International Students Office will forward study-abroad related data from JMU students who receive funding for their stay abroad to the responsible funding organization (i.e. DAAD or EU Commission). Transfer of data fulfils our obligation of accountability to the funding organization (DAAD, EU Commission).

2. Partner University/Host Institution:

The International Students Office forwards data of the nominated student electronically or via postal mail to the receiving host institution. Levels of data protection can vary between host countries.

3. Other JMU Students (Outgoing, Incoming)

Your name, major, and email address will be forwarded to other JMU students if you agreed to have the International Students Office put you in contact with other participants or students interested in the exchange programme.

4. Internal JMU Offices and Departments

4.1. Finance Department
The International Students Office forwards scholarship-related data to the financial department for JMU students who receive a student-mobility grant from a funding organisation such as DAAD or the EU Commission for their participation in programmes such as Erasmus.

4.2. Erasmus/ Exchange Coordinator within the Faculty
Study-abroad related data from JMU students participating in or applying to participate in an exchange programme can be viewed online by the respective faculty coordinator. This supports and permits the administration and implementation of the exchange programme (selection, advising, maintaining the partnership).

4.3. Selection Committees
Application documents are forwarded to the selection committees responsible for the respective scholarship or exchange programme.

4.4. Division A.3 – Quality Management, Organisational Development, Campus Management
For the purpose of planning, controlling and evaluation within the university, selected personal data (e.g. gender, study programme) will be forwarded to A.3 and processed anonymized.

4.5 Department 2 – Student Services
When necessary, the International Students Office exchanges information with the Examination Office and Student Services (for example, regarding transfer of credits earned abroad or leave of absence).

Data Transfer to Third-Party Countries or International Organisations

Your data will be forwarded to partner institutions within Europe or worldwide, to the EU Commission, and, when necessary, to embassies responsible for acquiring a visa.

Your rights according to DSGVO, especially regarding disclosure, rectification, and deletion pursuant to Sec. 15 to 21 of DSGVO, can be viewed here: https://www.uni-wuerzburg.de/universitaet/rechtsgrundlagen/datenschutzbeauftragter/betroffenenrechte-gem-dsgvo//