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Theodor Boveri, Zoologist

* October 12, 1862 in Bamberg
† October 15, 1915 in Würzburg

Theodor Boveri was awarded a “Lamont-scholarship” by the LMU Faculty of Philosophy and Science in spring 1885. He qualified as a professor for zoology and comparative anatomy in 1887 under Richard Hertwig. In Munich he began with his work on chromosomes and soon earned high reputation internationally. In 1893, Boveri became a professor at the JMU where he was going to stay until his death in 1915. He is considered the founder of experimental cell research, the chromosome theory of (Mendelian) inheritance and the theory that impaired chromosomes of an individual cell may cause malignoma.

His house was on the site of today’s Bismarckstraße 3.