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Julius von Sachs, Botanist

* October 2, 1832 in Breslau
† May 29, 1897 in Würzburg

After studying in Prague, Julius von Sachs was confered qualification as a professor in Prague in 1857. After several way stations he was offered a professorship at the botanical institute of the Freiburg university in 1867. In 1868, after the publication of his “Lehrbuch der Botanik”, Sachs accepted an offer of the JMU where he stayed until his death rejecting numerous offers of other universities. His important scientific work comprises over 160 publications in the field of physiology of germination, aquaculture, photosynthesis, the influence of temperature on plants, flower formation, the examination of roots and multiple other fields. In 1875, his “Geschichte der Botanik” developed as a result of his scientific-historical research. Sachs established the basis of modern plant physiology. He was not only an excellent scientist but also an outstanding pedagogue and a senate member for many years as well as university rector in 1871/1872.

His former home was at Theaterstraße 2. He also lived at Heinestraße 11.