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Georg Ganter, Physician

* April 18, 1885 in Unterschönmattenwag
† May 5, 1940 in Rostock

Georg Ganter successfully studied medicine in Freiburg, before receiving his doctorate in 1912 and his post-doctoral lecture qualification in 1918. Via the medical clinic Greifswald, Ganter came to the Würzburger Luitpoldkrankenhaus, where he accepted to work as a senior physician and after one year was promoted to an associate professor. He stayed there till his transfer to the medical polyclinic Rostock in 1926. As a specialist for internal medicine, Ganter made essential discoveries for his field, like for example the peritoneal dialysis, a method to remove toxins in order to prevent a kidney failure.

His residence in Würzburg is in the present building complex of the Child Clinic C 4-7 of the University Clinic.