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Athanasius Kircher, Universal Scholar

* 02.05.1602 in Geisa near Fulda   
† 27.11.1680 in Rome

With being educated through the Society of Jesus, Kircher taught as a friar and from 1628 on as a priest in Koblenz, Heiligenstadt, Aschaffenburg and from 1629 on at the University of Würzburg. Here he published his first work, Ars Magnesia, but was forced through the disturbances of the war to flee to France in 1631. In 1633 he finally reached Rome, where he found permanent employment and stayed until his death. He researched in various disciplines, among them Geology, Physics, Medicine and Egyptology.

The “Alte Universität” was selected as the location of his plaque, as it was his most important place of work in Würzburg.

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