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Albert von Koelliker, Physician

* July 6, 1817 in Zurich
† November 2, 1905 in Würzburg

After he had already gained attention at an early age due to his stellar career at the University of Zurich, Koelliker was appointed as an ordinary professor of experimental physiology and comparative anatomy as well as chairman of the physiological and zootomical institute at the JMU in 1847. In 1849, he became professor of anatomy and stayed in Wuerzburg until his retirement in 1902 despite numerous tempting offers. He is considered the founder of the microscopic anatomy and set the base for the development of the neuron doctrine. Furthermore, he proved the existence of single-cell organisms. His publications on histology were of international relevance. Beside it he published several first descriptions, such as the proof of nuclei in human fat cells.

His former home was at Theaterstraße 4. Besides, Koelliker lived at Theaterstraße 1, the former “Russische Hof”, as well as Hofstraße 5.