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Arthur Hantzsch, Chemist

* March 7, 1857 in Dresden
† March 14, 1935 ibidem

Arthur Hantzsch received his doctorate under Wislicenus at the Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg in 1880, to where he returned in 1893 – after working in Leipzig and Zürich – as a professor and the successor of Emil Fischer.  In the following years, Hantzsch researched on nitrogen compounds and other things and coordinated the relocation of the Institute of Chemistry to the Pleicher Ring in 1896.  During his scientific career Hantzsch developed two procedures, named after him, to produce the heterocyclic compounds pyridine and pyrrole, a nomenclature to describe heterocyclic compounds and occupied himself with physical methods for structural resolutions of molecules.

His residence is in the Maxstraße 2.