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Principals from 1805 to 1828

During the curatelic period it happened several times that the rector elected by the university was not confirmed by the state, but instead another rector was appointed over the heads of the university members.


1827 Metzger, Caspar, Rechtswissenschaft
1826 gewählt Goldmayer, Johann Caspar,
  ernannt Geier, Georg Franz
1824 Goldmayer, Johann Caspar
1821 gewählt Rau, Ambrosius,
  ernannt Onymus, Adam Joseph
1819 Behr, Michael Wilhelm Joseph
1818 gewählt Onymus, Adam Joseph,
  ernannt Döllinger, Ignaz
1817 Döllinger, Ignaz
1815 gewählt Kleinschrod, Gallus Aloys Kaspar,
  ernannt Döllinger, Ignaz
1813 Kleinschrod, Gallus Aloys Kaspar
1810 Kleinschrod, Gallus Aloys Kaspar
1809 Kleinschrod, Gallus Aloys Kaspar
1806 Kleinschrod, Gallus Aloys Kaspar
1805 Samhaber, Johann Baptist Aloys