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Friedrich Daniel von Recklinghausen, Physician

* 2. December 1833 in Gütersloh (Westphalia)
† 16. August 1910 in Strasbourg

After successfully studying medicine in Bonn, Würzburg and Berlin, Friedrich Daniel von Recklinghausen gained his doctorate in 1855. Ten years later he returned to the JMU as professor and taught at the Chair of Pathologic Anatomy and Medical History. From 1865 to 1872 the physician successfully conducted research in Würzburg and was able to gain groundbreaking knowledge about the theory of inflammation and hematology by his tests. Furthermore, the discovery of the Recklinghausen disease [Osteodystrophia fibrosa (cystica generalisata)], which leads to the degeneration of bone substance due to a hyperfunction of the parathyroid glands and was named after him, should be emphasized.

His home was at Theaterstraße 2.