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Friedrich Wilhelm Scanzoni von Lichtenfels, Mediziner

* December 21, 1821 in Prag
† June 12, 1891 Schloß Zinneberg near Glonn (Upper Bavaria)

As university lecturer of gynaecology at the Charles University in Prague since 1848 and editor of the renowned journal „Prager Vierteljahrsschrift für die practische Heilkunde“ Scanzoni was considered a distinguished expert on the subject of obstetrics at the early age of 27. In 1850, he accepted an offer from the JMU and took the chair of obstetrics where he stayed until his retirement in 1887 despite auspicious offers from other universities. Scanzoni was one of the early supporters of the psychosomatic medicine and one of the most sought-after obstetricians in Europe. Among others he took care of the Russian czarina Maria Alexandrowna.

His former home was at Röntgenring 9 (Institute of Physiology), the former Pleicher Ring 9.