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Christian Meurer, Jurist

* January 20, 1856 in Camberg
† March 6, 1935 in Würzburg

After completing his studies in philology and his doctorate in philosophy, Christian Meurer began studying law and qualified as a professor at the law school in Breslau in 1885. In 1888, Meurer accepted an extraordinary professorship of Catholic canon law at the JMU. In 1891, he was given an ordinary professorship of Catholic canon law as well as international law in 1895. In 1902 and again in 1925, Meurer was elected as university rector. He also represented his faculty as dean five times and 18 times as senator. At first, Christian Meurer mainly engaged in state-church law, later increasingly in international law. In 1922 and 1925, he worked in the committee of inquiry concerning German war crimes and generated four expert reports. In several publications Meurer was concerned with the law of war and questions of the Hague Peace Conferences as well as the protection of injured and diseased people in wartime. Moreover, he protested against the unilateral „Gewaltfrieden“ (dictated peace) of the Treaty of Versailles as an unsuitable foundation for lasting peace.

His former home was at Schillerstraße 11. Furthermore, he lived at Weingartenstraße 30.