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Julius Tafel, Chemist

* June 2, 1862 in Choindez (Canton of Jura) 
† September 2, 1918 in Munich

Just before coming to Würzburg, Julius Tafel received his doctorate in Erlangen in 1884 and one year later followed his doctorate supervisor Emil Fischer to the Julius-Maximilians-Universität, where he got his postdoctoral lecture qualification shortly after. In the following time he was especially occupied with being the most important assistant of Emil Fischer.  In 1902 he became associate professor for inorganic and analytical chemistry and in 1903 full professor and director of the Institute of Chemistry in Würzburg. After several years of successful research, where he especially worked on electrochemistry, Tafel withdrew himself from the university life for health reasons.

His residence was the former Institute of Chemistry in the Maxstraße 4.