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Adolph Strecker, Chemist

* October 21, 1822 in Darmstadt
† November 7, 1871 in Würzburg

After successfully finishing his study of natural science in Gießen, Adolph Strecker received his doctorate in 1842 and started to teach at a Real-Gymnasium in his hometown. In 1846 he returned to the University of Gießen to work as a private assistant for Liebig and to receive his postdoctoral lecture qualification in 1849. After teaching in Gießen, Christiania (today: Oslo) and Tübingen, he followed the offer of the Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg  to become the successor of Johann Joseph Scherer. His most important achievements are the discovery of the Strecker-Synthesis, an important procedure to produce amino acid, and the description of lactic acid out of the amino acid alanine.

His apartment was in the former facilities of the Institute of Chemistry in the Maxstraße 4.