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  • Weihnachten im Foyer der Neuen Uni am Sanderring. Bild: Robert Emmerich
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Presidents from the 1975 university reform until today

Since 1975 a president has been appointed head of the University of Würzburg. He thus represents the university and is chairman of the university management, which consists of five vice-presidents and the chancellor.
The President is elected by the University Council. The presidents since 1975 have all come from the faculty of the university - so there has not yet been an external professor who took over the management of the JMU.

Paul Pauli

President from april 1, 2021 to march 31, 2027


Alfred Forchel

President from october 1, 2009 to march 31, 2021


Axel Haase

President from october 1, 2003 to september 30, 2009


Theodor Berchem

Rector from october 1, 1975 to  december 16, 1976,
President from december 17, 1976 to september 30, 2003